Audio Perfection for Speakers – HeyMic and Rode Microphone Compared

Audio Perfection for Speakers – HeyMic and Rode Microphone Compared

Video has been around for quite awhile but is still gaining ground in Facebook, Youtube and website usage. Nothing kills a video faster than poor audio when you can’t understand what the speaker is saying. When that happens, the speaker’s message loses impact. HeyMic is my recent addition to my videography works and I use HeyMic all the time. It ensures perfect audio capture every time.

HeyMic versus Rode Shotgun Microphone

In this video demo, I demonstrate how dramatic the difference in audio recording sound is by switching back and forth between HeyMic lapel microphone, on my lapel, and the Rode shotgun microphone mounted on my video camera 10 feet away. HeyMic ensures that it captures my voice as soon as it leaves my mouth. The Rode and other shotgun microphones will pick up my voice, but also all other sounds in the room, including low frequency HVAC noise . You can distinctly hear the background rumble that your speaking voice is trying to chop through to be heard by your online listening audience.

Nature of Sound

When you speak, your sound is bounced all over the room. This is especially bad when rooms have hard surfaces, such as the room I do this demo in. Also, there is delay in the fractions of a second which also get recorded, acting as a ghosting sound affect to your prime voice – the voice straight from your mouth. The room I demo in only holds 30 people but the problem gets much worse when in a concert hall setting, high ceiling, hard surfaces and a powerful PA system with multiple speakers pointing in different directions. These echoes and reverberations make your recorded speaking voice sound muddier, adding a ghosting affect to your voice.

HeyMic – The AV Team in Your Pocket

HeyMic comes with its very own travel suitcase which holds a short USB charging cable. One charge will last approx 4 hours and can easily recharge in 1 hour. HeyCam is the FREE accompanying video app you can download from the app store. HeyCam works for both iPhone and Android smartphones. HeyMic connects to your smartphone using bluetooth.

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