Confidence – Growing or Fading ?


We talk of it – growing and building this elusive human attribute. We, the most optimistic creature on the planet, always talk about it, of it increasing – growing – the upside. But what happens when it doesn’t, and something that we keep doing, repetitively, keeps taking our confidence down, down, DOWN. Then what? Do you just stop doing what you are doing? Then, what do you do instead? Can your loss of confidence spread to other things you do? No doubt gaining confidence is a feel-good about yourself result. It’s one of the best rewards one can imagine and hope for.


Because it is an attribute and feat you can take with you forward, till your last days, to whatever else you want to do. It is a generic all-encompassing attribute. Confidence gained from running a marathon, can be used and applied when we go to college, take flying lessons, or impose a variety of seemingly impossible tasks upon ourselves.

But if your confidence fades and wanes, then the opposite is true. You do NOT feel very good about yourself. You begin to doubt yourself. That can also spread to almost anything else you try or need to do.

Like the popular epitaph, “We are the masters of our own demise”, perhaps?

I guess this is one of the many that belong to the “list of unwritten rules”; the stuff no one wants to talk about. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about it? Could it be because we are all experts at it so there is no need to belabor it? Have we simply beaten the topic to death?

I think not …

I believe it’s one of those topics no one wants to consul or talk about. It’s seen as a negative, a deterrent to all things good and positive. I guess the reason(s) could be bountiful. The solution? Even more so- and perhaps VERY time-consuming. Perhaps like recovering from alcoholism – you may even have to analyze the person’s psyche.

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Good for us to review this elusive attribute we call CONFIDENCE


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