HeyMic Lapel Microphone – Superb Mic For Speakers

HeyMic Lapel Microphone – Superb Mic For Speakers

Video Needs Excellent Audio

Microphones come in all shapes and sizes. How many times have you watched a video of a speaker and barely make out the audio? How about speakers in high noise environments? Frustrating trying to set up when your wired lapel mic cable needs to be routed and hidden under your clothing? When an opportunity presents itself, you don’t have time to arrange for elaborate sets. There is no time to assemble your video gear. You either jump at the opportunity or your subject moves on and you miss out. Ever challenged by recording in noisy on-location environments or outdoors with a wind blowing? I have many times. Needless to say, the videos that were captured did not have the best audio. Real-life means you have to set up fast and be confident the best audio will be captured. Welcome HeyMic Lapel Microphone

Enter HeyMic Lapel Microphone

HeyMic Lapel Microphone for Quick Videography Setups
Love My HeyMic

HeyMic is a Bluetooth lapel microphone that looks like a tie clip and is inconspicuous. Many won’t notice it until you raise awareness by raving about how well it works. I quickly ordered HeyMic and put to immediate use. It pairs nicely with the free HeyCam – Video App Companion for iOS (iPhone) and Android smartphones you download from the app store. Now I take HeyMic with me everywhere and am ready to record videography within minutes. When your audio is recorded on your smartphone, upload to your OneDrive or DropBox cloud directory, import to your video editor on your computer, and overlay with your video. Excellent audio is paired with your video. For quick demos, you can review your video right on their smartphone HeyCam – The Video App Companion

The AV Team in Your Pocket

I received HeyMic at the peak of winter, so what better way to test than at my indoor community skating rink. Being noisy with public skating, my partner ran the complimentary HeyCam video app standing at one end of the rink and I skated away while continuously speaking into HeyMic. I got to the end of the rink 200 feet away and my recorded audio was solid with no breakup and consistent in volume. Talking and shouting noise in the background was dampened. Despite using Bluetooth technology, the connection stayed. A full charge will give about 6 hours of continuous use. When a recording opportunity arises, within minutes, HeyMic is on, connected to the video app, and ready to record, with no tangled wires to hide. HeyMic is designed for smartphones. It gives you untethered freedom to move around during your video recording.

Bonus Offer For You

Give HeyMic a try. If you use the coupon code TDKtalksHeyMic, you will get an additional 10% off the advertised launch price on their website. The LoveHeyMic website has excellent demo info you can watch. Their companion video app is very easy to use with the right balance between minimum controls and feature settings giving you a quick setup time.

HeyMic Lapel Microphone For Superb Audio
HeyMic Lapel Microphone And Its Many Features
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