INNERpreneur Spotlight on Africa Bike Project – An Interview

AfriKid Bike by Kona Mountain Bike Company
One Project . One Goal . Help Africa . One Bike at a Time

INNERpreneurship Defined

INNERpreneurship and being an INNERpreneur sometimes means conceiving, driving, and managing a project, from the ground up. Leadership Skills and Communication Skills are required. From a relaxing evening read of a monthly newspaper, I read about 2 young ladies, local to me, who are the co-creators, of the Africa Bike Project. They met, for the first time in 2009, while on a flight to Kipgrengwe Primary School, Kericho, Kenya, with the central Alberta-based international development organization, A-Better-World Canada.

While there for 4 weeks doing humanitarian work on projects, such as painting an orphanage and playing with children, they had an “ah-ha” moment. Hearing stories of many children walking up to 20 kilometers to school, even back home for lunch, they thought if each had a mountain bike, it would save them time for school and prevent some from dropping out, which does happen. Having access to their very own bike would improve their quality of life, as their family could use it also. When they arrived back in Alberta, they got to work.

Melissa and Kelly are running their charity to raise $50,000 for the purchase of approximately 585 specially designed and built, AfriKid bicycles. These bicycles are specially designed by the Kona Mountain Bicycle Company. Kona is donating 1 bike for every 2 purchased from donations. Kona will also pay for 1/2 the shipping costs when all will need to be shipped to Kenya in late 2012.

For more detail on INNERpreneurship, you can read my article on Ezinearticles – INNERpreneurship – The Rise of Self Destiny

For more about their story, you can listen to our interview below. Consider donating ( I did ) by visiting their website – The Africa Bike Project

AfriKid Bike by Kona Mountain Bikes


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