INNERpreneurs Explained

What is an INNERpreneur?

What is an INNERpreneur ? And why do I upper-case the first 5 (INNER) letters?

Very similar to ENTREpreneur, there are some key differences.

1. Well, that is to hi-lite the main difference from ENTREpreneurs.

2. What is an INNERreneur ?

For more detail on INNERpreneurship, you can read my article on Ezinearticles – INNERpreneurship – The Rise of Self Destiny

YOU may already be one and not know it. It was vauge to me at first also, but that drove me to read more about it.

Innerpreneurship is the desire to lead and drive yourself. Like entrepreneurship, being a business owner, yours is more adjust to social cause and giving back to others, even if they are also innerpreneurs or entrepreneurs.

The more I read about it, the more it made sense. Certainly my career, reaching mid-life, was a near perfect blueprint for why people should and do turn to . Also, is scalable. You can involve yourself in yours, to any degree you are comfortable with. In that respect, it is very much like one’s involvement in (TM).

There is only 1 fundamental difference between an (INNER & ENTRE) preneur;

  1. An ENTREpreneur’s primary goal is to eventually make money
  2. An INNERpreneur’s primary goal is to fulfill their personal growth and learning satisfaction

So, are you one ? Do you think you know someone who may be ?

Here is a good short video you can watch on the topic;


Here is 1 book you can read on the topic. Actually, there is only 1 chapter on – about 23 pages in the middle – so borrow or look it up at your library;

Actually, leadership, entrepreneurship and to be an innerpreneur are very much interrelated. I will further example this in subsequent blogs.


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