Leadership Style – There is Room for YOU

Leadership Attributes
Leadership Attributes

Leadership Defined

Leadership development depends on your personal style of leadership – your strengths.

When we think of a leader, the first vision that comes to mind is an athletic photogenic person with a charasmatic demeanor and commanding presence. Well, it may not hurt, but moments after the dust settles, we deal with the important qualities of that leader; What are they like to work with? Can they make things happen? Will it be a growing experience? There are many qualities that describe leadership and a leader.

There are also many styles of leadership. Actually, being able to work in several different styles allows the leader to adapt themselves to different situations as required. For example, one style may work at their workplace, but a totally different style is needed at their volunteer group, where no one gets paid.

Some may be more introvert and lead from within the group. They may be good motivators, problem solvers, idea generators. Some may not like the spotlight and remain at the same level as their team. Some may excel at not only building the right team but having all members to work together seamlessly. They can quickly diffuse conflict and keep everyones’ morale high.

First and foremost, they must excel at listening and observing. They have to be able to hear and know, what their team is having for challenges. They must be able to observe if their members are losing motivation, are getting bored or just pulling back. They won’t tell you. YOU have to be able to pick that up fast and act, to keep your team progressing.

So there is probably room for 1 more style of leadership; YOUR leadership style which you constantly tweak and shape, based on  your ongoing experience and feedback from your team members.

The Leadership in YOU
The Leader Eventually Hones Their Style

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