Dynamics Offers Much Opportunity

Dynamics of Life

Being a dynamic person has many virtues. Our weather this past spring has shown more dynamics than usual. Living only 1 hour away from the world famous Banff, Lake Louise & Sunshine Mountain resorts in the Canadian Rockies may take some credit. Throw in some sprinkling of the global warming phoneomenon, and you have the makings of some tumultuous weather.

Much the same, I realized that our economy, both world and personal, may also have dynamics like our weather – call it the Dynamics of Real Life. Being an avid cyclist, I try to get in a ride whenever I can. Almost always this revolves around the weather, beit the affects of temperature, rain or wind. So if the weather is good – cycle. If not, then have a Plan A, B and even C.

Opportunities abound us constantly. They can be small daily opportunities or the all-out lifetime type; the fork in the road. But they are all stepping stones, which makes it important for us to be able to recognize a potential opportunity very expediently, because you have to act fast (if you decide to run with it). These could be related to your career, your hobbies, even while riding a bike and you see a new road and don’t know where it goes. Taking it may dawn a new loop you can use for variety in your riding curriculum.

Even if taking a new opportunity doesn’t yield much, you still learn something from it. And anything we learn, we can always leverage forward to something new. So the cost is little, only time perhaps.

We should be cognizant and receptive of this when major (to us anyways) situations occur. It can be when our car breaksdown in the middle of a freeway, when we lose our jobs or when a close friend moves away. It’s like when you are taking a routine walk along your select route and one day you take a different leg. You may find a nice park with a bench, just ideal for reading. Of course, what we recognize as opportunity others may not. It’s all based on our individual value system. Each and every person has their own, so what someone values, you may not see any worth in.

So keep a constant lookout for opportunity.

Opportunities Abound !

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