Softskills Maintenance For You Is Invaluable

Softskills Maintenance

Ever think about your soft skills? How do you maintain yours? After having some time to be away from To My NON-Toastmaster Listeners, I had a further view of regular maintenance to our soft-skills skillset.

Like many things in life that we do regularly,  daily or whatever, such as brushing our teeth, and bathing,  our soft skills, in addition to being developed, also need regular maintenance and honing.

On another front, so many offers we are made, through e-mails, telephone solicitation, the internet and the like, all result in someone else making money off YOU, in the “not too distant future”, from the time you get their “Great Offer – Too Good to Pass Up!”. It’s typical, this is what YOU NEED to help you do THIS or become RICH. I have finally begun UN-subscribing to many of my e-mail subscriptions because they ensure SOMEONE ELSE PROSPERS. Many of these subscriptions and great offers,  also need a significant amount of my time.  This time invested and the possible return to me is somewhat suspect. Time is a valuable resource that none of us should waste.

I can say openly I am not afraid of pushing Toastmasters, for regular weekly or bi-weekly “soft-skills personal maintenance” because I make nothing from it. For approximately $100 a year ( or thereabouts – more if a dinner club, ) the returns are yours to cash in on; soft-skills development and maintenance.

YOU make the returns on this investment, more so than anyone else. Your returns from this investment is almost immediate.

Happy Investing!

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