Softskills Development During Conventions

Softskills Celebration

Softskills development is paramount in celebration during our Spring Convention of Toastmasters.

I am joined by my special guest co-host and Competent Leadership mentor,  Christina. We open the show by discussing our activities and features we took in at our District 42 Spring Convention.

So what goes on at a Spring Convention? Well, quite a bit. Every Toastmaster on the globe knows it as the faceoff battle for the coveted World Championship of Public Speaking or WCPS. The winner proceeds to the world stage. That is at the annual Toastmasters International Convention.

There is also the more mundane, but still very important administrative tasks. One such is the business meeting. Want to know why we practice parliamentary procedures in our regular meetings? Watch a well-run biz meeting and it will become self-evident. Every club should ensure to have 1 or 2 biz meetings each month.

And the educationals are also a big attraction. Sometimes they are people from outside the Toastmasters realm.

Most certainly, there is something there for every aspect of a well-rounded toastmaster. Every district has its own. They are addictive, however, but a GOOD addictive.

For everyone, the spring conventions are a great way to network. You meet new toastmasters and re-affirm past connections.

Feature Interview

After I take in some educationals there, I go to my feature interview with Ms. Sarah Imran. Sarah presented an educational which I took in entitled Conversations Powered by Technology Just for You.

In her 45 minute presentation, Sarah spoke about how the 5 most popular social network tools today, being Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress are used. These make up a collaborative power of online communities, which cannot be ignored.


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