TDKtalks Birth – Radio Days Speaking Journey

TDKtalks Has Early Beginnings

TDKtalks had its beginnings long before I ever heard of Toastmasters, podcasts and HPL’s.

Go back, way back – to the dawn of civilization. Wait, NO. Too far. Just to when I was born. Good !

Remembering how radio and the one and only local station helped people weather long prairie winter nights. Then came the CB radio craze. My college radio station, not wireless but the programming intrigued me. If only my tech studies left me with some spare time to host.

CBC radio, with the initial mandate to populate Canada such that one can drive from coast to coast and listen to radio, non-stop and uninterrupted. Those long overnight drives across 2 provinces when my father was ailing and listening to CBC radio overnight with radio from Europe, sure saved me.

Who can forget the internet craze furthering radio over the internet where airwaves would falter. Then my foray into classical music and being directed to Glenn Gould and his popular series of contrapuntal radio, his classic being “Idea of North”.

Enter the Toastmaster organization and my discovery of how relaxing writing can be, not to mention creative. “Hey, you can actually speak it and get a credit? No way !” A computer company comes along and reinvents portable listening again. Maybe just so it can deliver for my milestone birthday, this “touchy feely” called the “Touch”. iTunes; What a library of ……….PodCasts ?

“Hey! There’s “Toastcaster Speakcast for Toastmasters”! Download. Listen. “Wow, his is quite good”. A medium of self-expression which serves the portable airwaves. More acronyms but what’s this one; HPL? I will need something soon!

Eventually one will be inspired to begin giving something back, …..back to where other speaking journeys begin. “Area Gov? What would I do? I see. Visit 5 clubs with support, inspirational, motivational educationals? Once and then they sit? Wait. I will audiodize them into a repository, maybe even get some voice training along the way to help curb my “born there but not born again here” accent. ……………….Thank-you Glenn……………..Great job Greg!”

For a Toastmasters’ journey of learning, come listen to mine at TDKtalks . And yes Apple, I owe you one. Here’s 1 more for your “Educational Training” library…………Maybe list the search under something succinct like………………. “ TDKtalks ”.


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