Embrace Fear to Move You Out of Your Comfort Zone

we are naturally born with many fears that we slowly outgrow
We Are All Born With Many Fears

Fear is Around Us in Nature

I recently competed in a speech contest. That in itself was enough to raise my fear. I realized I could use fear to take me out of my comfort zone. And I wasn’t always in my comfort zone when speaking.

I learned a lot about other people’s fear of public speaking while being a judge at speech contests.

My topic was “FEAR” and titled “Wolverine”. I picked the wolverine because this animal has 2 unique characteristics.

(1) It has no natural enemies and (2) it knows no fear. Imagine that – knows NO fear! Not the biggest nor the strongest of mammals, it assembles several facets to become rather unique.

Fear is somewhat related to comfort zone as the article clearly states – Cracking Your Comfort Zone: How to Face a Fear

Wish YOU had no fear? I will give you a few tips below pertaining to Public Speaking.

Fear And Your Comfort Zone While Public Speaking

If you fear public speaking, this blog reinforces the “Embrace The Fear” concept.

Use Fear to Motivate Yourself

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Look back at your childhood. Remember the petty simple things you were afraid of? Now, remember the 1 or 2 you were DEFTLY afraid of? These you thought you would NEVER outgrow. But you did. Some fears melt away without us even knowing it. Others last longer but too, find their parting ways.

As we grow older we do learn to manage fear better. But some of us actually become very good at scaring ourselves. How? We dwell on a specific fear over and over. Imagination takes over. A snowflake becomes a snowball and becomes even a huge drift.

Typical fears as we grow older are fear of losing, fear of relationships, fear of aging, and fear of dying. Many of these we should embrace as we cannot do much about them.

When you do sense fear, ask yourself what specific aspect are you afraid of? Write it down and look at it. Say it out loud so you can hear yourself saying it. Sometimes these exercises show us how trivial our fear really is.

If it is a legitimate fear, then use it to drive you. Use it to prepare yourself better. Research your topic. Talk to experts. These are just several things you can do. Overcoming fear builds confidence also. It also lessens your fear factor in the future. It’s positive.

And if worse comes to worst, just ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen, if my fear comes true?” Answer – Probably very little. If a lot, then you should readjust your risk/reward ratio, to accommodate a smaller loss or setback. That’s It!

There are things that we cannot control. Accept that. Focus on what you CAN control. Focus on the downside of your fear materializing. And remember – things aren’t really as bad as they initially seem.

Bring It On Wolverines! Embrace Fear – Use it to YOUR advantage – Let it Drive You!

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Fear Can Be Controlled or Eliminated


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