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Here is the complete 28-minute documentary released in 2016 following my return to Vietnam in August 2015 to film and produce my "Untold Story"

"Untold Story - Return to Tra Vinh" - Complete

Full length 28 minute documentary (above) or just watch the 5 mini chapters (below)

Part 1 - "Untold Story - Return to Tra Vinh"

"Intro Destiny" - 2015 - August

Part 2 - "Untold Story - Return to Tra Vinh"

"Mission" - 2015 - August

Part 3 - "Untold Story - Return to Tra Vinh"

"Canh Home Visit" - 2015 - August

Part 4 - "Untold Story - Return to Tra Vinh"

"Canh on Friday" - 2015 - August

Part 5 - "Untold Story - Return to Tra Vinh"

"Return to Tra Vinh" - 2015 - August

This is a short video tribute I produced about a Vietnam Children's Charity Mission I volunteered with

March 2014 in Vietnam

I joined this team as videographer to produce a 30 minute documentary

following our volunteers through 4 rehabilitation hospitals helping children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)

"Hue in a Day"

My Volunteer Mission to Vietnam March 2014

Taking Part in MoMondays Calgary - March 2013

We speakers like to have some fun too. Here I join 6 other locals and our emcee to deliver 10  minute stories. I bring "Wind and Hills" from my club speech competition to chuckle about my cycling growth with an expensive bike, colorful spandex and an endless variety of energy and hydration products.

Terry with 6 other comedians at MoMondays Calgary

Dawn of the INNERpreneur

I couldn't have picked a better challenge than preparing for this educational. I was selected to present at our Toastmasters District 42 Spring Convention on April 29 to May 1 in Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA.

I learned so much more about INNERpreneurship along with reinforcing my belief that its time has come and it is here to stay.

Read the full script here or watch the video below

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