Videotaping Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Videotaping Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Videography lessons come about by doing videos – just do it.

Using videotape for videography is a great technology to capture a speech contest or presentations for posting to a video website for continuous reference.

My first videotape of our club educational presentations caught me off guard with basics I never thought about. Don’t be caught off guard by considering my pointers below.

I decided to share these 5 basic points with you. You can read below or watch my short video here;

Videography Tips

  1. On your signage of the event, make known that the presentation will be videotaped for later posting on your website. This gives your attendees an opportunity to dress accordingly.
  2. At the entrance to the event, at your registration desk, again, have signage reminding everyone that this event will be videotaped.
  3. Once the event starts, have the emcee, Toastmaster or meeting official mention it to everyone. Also mention why it is being videotaped.
  4. You as the videographer – be sure to pick an ideal position to park your tripod. Ensure this is a position that you can pan and zoom the stage, audience, screen if there will be a powerpoint or a whiteboard with notes written on it, as when having a Q & A at the end.
  5. Locate your tripod so your camera can shoot above head level. Also, locate your tripod down the aisle way so you can zoom onto the front presentation area without catching the audience heads.

Anyone who has had to edit a videotape knows what a pain it can be, when you tape a disturbance then later have to either edit out or smudge it to protect an attendees privacy.

Ensuring everyone’s privacy and allowing everyone to be at their best when videotaping is only professional and courteous.

Following basic videography principles puts you on the right track for a professional looking video. It’s also a great way to publicize your club expertise to others.

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