Vietnam Travel is No Ordinary Journey

Vietnam is No Ordinary Journey

Have you ever planned to travel to Vietnam? Recently I completed an 18-day educational mission with the charity No Ordinary Journey Foundation. I was asked to join their international team of healthcare professionals as a videographer. It also turned into a huge lesson in leadership for me. The last day of my journey set the stage for my return 18 months later to film Untold Story – Return to Tra Vinh

I put together various clips to produce the “Hue in a Day – part 1” & “Hue in a Day – part 2” video on YouTube. It was a tribute to our international team members from not only Calgary, Canada, where NOJF is based but also the United States, Hungary, and Australia. The No Ordinary Journey is another video tribute by 1 of our fantastic Vietnamese volunteers who traveled with us. Vietnam travel was very exciting, adventurous and a growing experience.

You can also watch this video on my YouTube channel – Vietnam is No Ordinary Journey

While there, our mission was also chronicled by VTV4’s Linku Xavier, producer & host, with NOJ’s Mission on EXPAT LIVING

Terry as videographer with the childrens charity No Ordinary Journey Foundation
Terry as Videographer On a Mission in Vietnam

You can also read an extended version of this article in Vietnam – My Lessons Learned in Leadership.

I would be capturing them in action for a 30-minute documentary about this registered charity on this specific mission of March 2014. Of course, I jumped at this opportunity. NOJF works with children with #cerebralpalsy by revolutionizing the care, treatment, understanding, and acceptance of cerebral palsy mainly in Vietnam.

It was a working holiday with long hot days on a full schedule. But I was in my natural element. Not only do I experience the culture, people, and scenery of Vietnam but I work with an amazing team of healthcare professionals with teamwork seldom found in the workplace.

Setting the Stage for my Return Documentary
Capturing Stories on Video is a Creative Process

As a videographer, I knew I would have to have my camera with me all the time as many epiphanies appear instantly and last only moments. A challenge is trying to capture those moments under natural conditions which means my team had to be used to seeing me with a camera so they may not know when it was running. My goal was to capture the true essence of this experience, that being the parents who attended our workshops with their children. We all know that most people completely clam up once a camera appears.

I did fear that as fatigue among our team set in, they may not want my camera pointing at them. That was a risk I had to take. Selfishness is acceptable if the video I want to create shows our team members at their best, volunteering for a good cause of helping children in a developing country.

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