The Anatomy of a Speech

Speech as Storytelling

A speech is usually just storytelling. Writing a speech can be a daunting task. For our clubs or contests, it only has to be 5 to 7 minutes. But so much has to be said in those few minutes. When you listen to a good speech, all-time escapes you. In the end, you can’t tell if it was only 5 minutes or 50 in duration. To me, that is a sure sign of a GOOD speech. These helpful speech resources can give you a structured approach.

First, you have to know what your purpose is. Is it a call to action? Is it to educate your audience? Is it to make people aware of some situation? Or is it simply to entertain them using wit relating to everyday news? The purpose and means are almost endless, especially when you consider the addition of body language, facial expression, and tonal variety to accent your delivery. For that reason, a speech to me becomes an art form; a work of art.

Once written, you can tweak here, tweak there. You can fine-tune it by adding a pause here and speeding up the last half of this sentence. Then, the numerous practice sessions give you a chance to polish the delivery. Because in the end, the speech has to achieve its purpose; whatever you decided on above.

In this show, I follow the elusive and mystical realm of a speech; beginning its complex path from conception, editing, practicing, and finally, delivery of the message or call to action, to your audience.

Can it succeed? Will it succeed? Will your message or “call to action” make it into most of your audiences’ action list? When presenting a speech to a Toastmasters or public audience – in a contest or just at your club – there are many challenges and obstacles in the way.

What’s Your Story? What’s Your Message?

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